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Eye Tribe:  Eye Tribe is a Danish startup company which produces eye tracking technology and they are selling it to software developers so that they incorporate the eye tracking in their application and programs. Oculus has acquired eye tracking startup which is called the eye tribe. Facebook and Oculus have recently bought it.

Eye Tribe

Japanese eye-tracking VR (virtual reality) headset FOVE has started to ship their first unit from its successful campaign Kickstarter last year. An order which is placed today will be shipped in February as company catches up pre-orders.

Eye Tribe Technology

Eyetribe in October 2013, was getting ready to send out their first shipment of eye tribe technology. Eyetribe is the smallest eye tracking device in the world 20 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm when measured and it has broken the previous record. it also does not need a separate power source which makes it even better portable.

This device uses USB of 3.0 connection which enables it to run on many computers and tablets. Eyetribe is compatible with OS X, Microsoft Windows 7 or latest. Meanwhile, the company is working on support for more platforms like Android. The company is selling out the device to developers with simple software development kit by using C#, C++ and Java programming languages.

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Eye tribe components and function

The major components of Eye tribe is a high-resolution infrared LED and Camera. Which can be easily setup in mobile devices or cell phones. Camera in eye tribe is used to track the user’s eye movement. The camera is eligible to track a small movement of user’s pupils, this is done by taking the image and running them through a computer algorithm.

These algorithms read “on screen gaze coordinates” which helps software to determine where user looking at the screen. These algorithms also work with the hardware, light and camera sensors which increases the customer satisfaction in the environment and different kind of light setting. However eyetribe works better when you are using it indoor.

Eye tribe components and function

Eye Tribe Setting

  • Calibration is used in order for the device to find user pupils and identify eye unique characteristic.
  • In eye tribe calibration is used to increase the accuracy for one’s gaze tracking.
  • The tracker should have an accuracy of average 0.5 degrees of visual angle.
  • It should follow the movement of an eye with millimeter precision.

Eye tribe specification

Sampling rate30 Hz and 60 Hz mode
Accuracy0.5° (average)
Spatial resolution0.1° (RMS)
Latency< 20 ms at 60 Hz
Calibration5, 9, 12 points
Operating range45 cm – 75 cm
Tracking area40 cm × 30 cm at 65 cm distance
Screen sizesUp to 24 inches
API/SDKC++, C#, and Java included
Data outputBinocular gaze data
Dimensions(W/H/D) 20 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm (7.9 × 0.75 × 0.75 inches)
Weight70 g
ConnectionUSB 3.0 Super speed

Eye tribe Uses

Eye tribe Uses

  • Eyetribe can be used with computers, laptops.
  • It will be used in near feature with smartphone and tablets.
  • It is also used in scrolling down the web just staring down the screen.
  • You can play games using Eye tribe like Fruit Ninja.

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